Commission Statut: Closed

About commission

What I do ?

I can help you with your mapping by create new maps for you and/or edit some of maps you’ve already made.
Most of my maps are knows for being beautiful, clear, playable and sometimes big. So if you ever need a mapping with one of those criteria don’t hesitate to post a commission request here.
I’m mostly a RPG Maker VX/Ace/MV user but I can use RMXP too as long as the map you asked for isn’t to complicated to make. I’m not very used with RM 2000/2003 so I will not accept commission for this version.
I use two different method of mapping:
-Editor mapping
-Overlay/Parralax mapping

Editor mapping:

The easiest and fastest way to have a nice map, clear, simple and well playable. I will only use the editor and the tileset you’ll provide me to create or edit the map you want.
You’ll just have to give me a description of what you want (with a croquis or not) and the size of the map (It may take time if the map is too big).
Maximum size allowed: 50×50 (RPG Maker size)
Example map:

Overlay/Parralax mapping:

You want to overcome to the editor limit ? Then the overlay mapping is the best way to do this. With this method, you can have more detailed and beautiful map. It also take more time then the editor mapping thought.
Just like the editor mapping, a description of what you want and the size of the map is required.
Maximum size allowed: 75×75 (RPG Maker size)
Example map:

How work will proceed ?

Once we set on what you want, I will start to work and reporting my progress a few time to you.
Once you’re okay with it, I will place the request to “Done”. I will not come back into it (Unless if there is big problem on it)

Term and Condition:

In return of my work, what I ask is to simply credit me in your game and whenever you want to show/post a screenshot of a map I made. Extra bonus is also accepted but that all I ask.

If your game is commercial, then a free copy of it would be appreciated.

And of course, don’t hesitate to share the link of my gallery  o/

The price:

The price vary between 3 and 6$ but if you want some extra, it will cost more money (depending of what you want)

You can do a request below or PM on my Twitter account.

Commission Statut: Closed