Genre: Classic RPG
Developer: RitoJS
Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace
Actual demo: 2.3
Without RTP:
With RTP:

Lumina is a bright and wondrous world. Nothing, but peace reigns upon it. Conflict and War? They rarely happen. In this world, humans live with the Ludivines. They are beings on a higher pedestal, because they have the ability to manipulate the ominous source of energy… “Magic”. , Unlike the humans who defy the law of nature, the Ludivines have always lived in the forests and they have always carried great pride of themselves—pride unbeaten by any.
However, there is one whose pride would be considered…questionable.
Lucile is a Ludivine had been disowned by her family, mainly her father, because she treats humans as if they were equals. She’s shown interest in their odd, but curious inventions rather than focusing on the traditions of her people. Often lectured to abandon that odd interest, she has to make a decision to give up one or the other. She makes a decision to leave her home and her family. She lives near a river, not too far from her old home and not too far from Rolan town with Bell, the young feline spirit, who she had met during her trip.
Since then, Lucile has done several odd jobs, including one that forced her to explore the ruins of her hometown. And what she discovered changed her life and her worldview…

Lucile Anguis

Age: 16 years old
Birthday: August 12 1189
Birthplace: Alnoa
Astrological sign: Lion
Enjoy: Books, Talking too much, Sunny day, Food, Alchemy


Lucile is a young and joyful girl who decided to leave her village because of her too many argument with her father.
Lucile is a airheaded girl and can be pretty capricious sometimes but she’s always smiling and is very sociable.
Because of her Ludivine pride, she doesn’t hesitate to help human in need.
She over enjoyed her childhood, and because of that she was quite a spoiled child. After growing bit by bit, her parent (especialy her father) throw more responsibility to her and started to change a little but never really lost her spoiled attitude.
Still, due to her curious nature and her bright smile she’s always attract people to her.

SuzieSuzie Aquila
Age: 15 years old
Birthday: 10 may 1190
Birthplace: Alnoa
Astrological sign: Taurus
Enjoy: Training, saber, traveling, Levi, spring


Suzie is a young Ludivine and Lucile’s childhood best friend who herited the pride of her family, she’s a calm, helpful and a pretty skilled girls with a saber. She meet Lucile during one of her practice and became accustomed to Lucile’s personnality. At first she was thinking it was her job to protect her (her family protect Lucile’s family for generation) but the more she passed time with her, the more she liked her and became very good friends.
One of Suzie’s dream is to cross saber with Levi, the strongest swordwoman in the world.

Age: ???
Birthday: ???
Birthplace: ???
Astrological sign: ???
Enjoy: Walk, battle, give advice


A young cat spirit. The spirit can take a human and animal form and can talk.Bell was always alone and can fight pretty well. She meet Lucile few days after she left her village and since then, they lived together.
Bell really appreciate Lucile. She feel to be like a big sister to her.
Unlike Lucile, Bell is more introverted.

No more PM in here, the battle is still a turn based system but with a AP (Action Point) system.
There is six icon in the top-right of this screen.
These are AP. With them you can perform more than one action in one turn. Each action use one or more AP. (Magic for example)
Each character have 3 AP and if they use 3 AP in a turn they won’t be able to perform another action until the next turn.
Don’t worry, if you have a skills who requiere more than 3 AP you can always borrow AP from your party members.
Most of skills are in weapon and need SP (Skill Points) to be able to get and use them permanently.
You can obtain SP by defeating monsters and when you lvl up.
To do quest, you need to find a NPC with a bubble like this:
He’ll explain his problem and a quest will be add to your quest journal.
The numbers of stars represent the quest difficulty.
You can access to your quest journal in the menu.


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